Altech Saudi Space Frame Applications

Airports roofing structure

The integrated terminal buildings are designed with number of structural innovations. The key feature of airport structure is their long span roof covering with massive column spacing.

Metro Railway Stations

The mega columns and large cantilevers make the structure unique. By using modular space frame structure supported by cantilevered columns makes the roof aesthetically good with doubly curved.

Sports Stadiums

It offers a futuristic solution for creating durable and efficient structures . Apart from great flexibility of designing and minimal construction time, also preferred for their robustness and durability.

Shopping Malls

The quality of roofing is exceptional good as the deflections are almost negligible. Despite their light weight, these structures are designed to carry much heavier load and have a huge spanning capacity.

Pedestrian Bridges

Moreover, it is possible to add a wide range of structural and non-structural components, which enhances their aesthetic appeal and also improve their usability in different areas.


The high flexibility of use of this one, from reticular arches to infinite space geometries, with a singular covering applied only with optimum conditions in order to avoid abrasion and corrosion due to contact with main pipe node structure.


Self supporting roofing system makes it possible to erect a warehouse in one span without trusses, purlins and rafters. The systems are mechanically sealed which ensures better weather proofing and a hygienic and cleanenvironment.

Toll Gates

Despite their light weight, these structures are designed to carry much heavier load and have a huge spanning capacity. Erection time is minimal as the material is pre fabricated from the factory.

Swimming Pools

The absence of holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants, these structures require minimal to zero maintenance making them highly cost efficient.

Petrol/ Gas Stations

Most gas stations are unremarkable or even ugly, but these Space Frame gas station designs will certainly find another use, whether as roadside attractions, shops, restaurants or service stations.

Border Security Gates

We are the prominent manufacturer and erection of Border Security Gate, Roofing Shed and many more. All these products are quality assured and long last.

Coal Storage

Coal sheds are large span structure to accommodate tons of coals for continuous supply to the boilers. The structures are designed with modular space frame to make it cost effective compared to other conventional structures.