HVAC & MEP Solutions

HVAC design, installation and repair

Our engineering team and certified HVAC technicians provide cost-effective solutions for any HVAC project or challenge. Our HVAC design, installation and repair services include: sheet metal fabrication, piping, and controls. We can remove your tired, inefficient system and replace it with an energy efficient system as well as perform retrofits.

Plumbing and pipefitting installation and repair

We have licensed plumbers, pipe fitters, and welders on staff ready to be dispatched 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Electrical system design, installation, and repair

We provide a full range of electrical services including system design and installation, upgrades and expansions, troubleshooting, testing, and repairs.

ATC/DDC building control systems

Our services include installation and repair of automatic temperature control (ATC) and direct digital control (DDC) systems. Whether you use ATC or DDC, we ensure your system seamlessly ties in with your HVAC system.

Sprinkler & fire alarms

We have many years of experience in installing and servicing everything from water-based fire suppression sprinkler systems to hardwired fire alarm systems. All of our technicians are certified and maintain a rigorous training standard with leading fire alarm and fire suppression system manufacturers.

Service Area

Key Areas:

  • HVAC systems for Residential & Commercial complexes
  • MEP services for Residential & Commercial complexes
  • Service/Maintenance Contracts

HVAC & MEP Features and services:

  • Draws HVAC Air Flow and Hydronic Schematics
  • Allows Unlimited System Arrangements
  • Intelligent Components Communicate with Each Other
  • Schedules Can be English, Metric or both unit systems
  • Creates Schedules for All Types of Equipment
  • Heating: adding thermal energy
  • Cooling: removing thermal energy
  • Humidifying: adding moisture
  • Dehumidifying: removing moisture

"Altech Saudi is specialized in the HVAC,&(MEP) Fire protection, plumbing and electrical with low current system with full in-house capabilities to handle projects of any magnitude and stand on commitments towards satisfying client’s requirements."

HVAC & MEP Solutions Portfolio