Space Frames

Altech space frames is a full service leader specializing in Designing, Manufacturing and Installing Space Frame Building system, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings, Customized Architectural Structures. Our Services cover a wide range of categories in structural systems. Our Head Office is located in the Industrial city zone of Dammam,Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

Our Company has grown over the past few years to become an integral part of the Structural Industry. Our employees are a vital part of our success. Since the first day of operation , the company has committed to providing the highest level of service and work quality to all of our customers. We pride ourselves in our ability to generate fast, friendly and personalized services. Our relationship with our customers is a top priority for every member of our team. We strive to meet the customer's needs to ensure long-lasting relationships.

We adopt various kinds of cost optimizing methodologies, without any compromise in quality and efficiency parameters. Our quality engineering works have been appreciated by leading Architects, Structural Engineers and the fact that we receive repeat enquiries from our old esteemed Customers, stand as a testimony for our excellent quality standards.

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    • Pre-assembly allows project acceleration
    • Pre-finished to avoid site painting & inspection
    • Total weight of steel space frame for large spans structures is considerably lesser than other conventional structural forms.
    • Catwalks, AC ducts & other services can be accommodated within the top & bottom chords of the space Spherical balls (Nodes).
    • Simple modification or dis-assembly for re-use
    • Space Frame can be a feature without ceiling
    • Accommodates concentrated loads
    • Suit irregular support or plan geometry
    • Variable depth for roof drainage is built-in
    • Minimum structure weight
    • New-Tech Space Truss System
    • Long clear spans & cantilevers


    Space Frames are typically used for Roofing of Large Span Structure swithout center columns which are extremely useful in projects like Sports Stadiums, Airports, Shopping Malls, Coal, Cement & Sugar Storage Domes, Skywalks, Pedestrian Bridges, Metro Railway Stations, LargeWarehouses, Swimming Pools, Toll Gates, Border Security Gates, Petrol/ Gas Stations.

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